Global Voices Radio Spoken Word Lab American Sentences
American Sentences
Organic Poetry
Wordstorm Workshop, Friday, February 26, 2010

San Juan Library Workshop,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introductions: Name, Where you’re from, Level of poetry skill & why you took the class.

1st Sound: Allen Ginsberg on 1st Thought Best Thought: (sound)

1st Poem: Brenda Hillman: Reportorial Poetry, Trance & Activism and In An Armed Services Hearing.

1st Exercise: Exquisite Corpse (Why/Because, If/Then)

2nd Exercise: Duo Corpse: (handout)

2nd Sound: McClure on Projective Verse. 

2nd Poem: McClure from Dolphin Skull

3rd Exercise: I Remember (handout)

4th Exercise: American Sentences (Handout)

5th Exercise: Interview (from Anne Waldman) 

3rd Sound: Eileen Myles (3 cuts from interview.)