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After Blaser (Above Nebraska)

After Blaser (Above Nebraska)


We hover above the sunís reflection of clouds

are two examples of grace

not afraid to wet our toes

in it, or life force, how simple

religion could be in this sun-returning air


we hover above the bones of it

are in between the old godís death

inside the parenthesis, before the birth of the new.

Whatever is going to happen

has already

happened, or is happening, so we hop ingeniously from pleasure

to the promised cosmos & hope the rest emerges as if

it were the first yinrise of the last lost star.


2P Ė 12.24.06

NWA 576

Robin Blaser's "First Love" has the line "first, pleasure and then a cosmos, and then happiness" (pg 284). In 1993 he wrote "we are not in religion
but we are inside whatever has happened
to it..." (pg 375 The Holy Forest, 2006 ed.).

"Whatever is going to happen is already happening" is a quote from Sonnet L of Ted Berrigan's "The Sonnets." (pg 56 of Collected, 2005 ed.)