Itís Gonna Rain


It started as a trickle

Northwest pitter pat canít get you wet

it discovered the notion of velocity

scared of sacred rain the contents†† continents yet to span.


Flexed its thunder muscles rain equivalent of bone & sinew

they all stand outside in rain and donít get wet.

Perfected the texture of gray aped the patience of glacier white

so slight†† at first†† a pitter patter canít get you wet.

Mixed in the passion of brown††† the wisdom of red and yellow

the fire hides underneath the blue black background of a wall of uncommon stars.


The slight pitter patter picked up the procreant urge

married it to velocity (in his dream he saw the guns melted

into a statue honoring the peacemakers might have been

King, might have been Gandhi, maybe Mother Theresa, maybe

the mother who refused to send her son into one more war) became a down pour.


Became rainbows of agonies broke up into actions sacred and intense radiating

a field of resonance no politician could finger or market to†††††† a thunderstorm.

Zeus in the guise of one mother saying no two mothers two thousand heartbeats

and downpours no longer a pitter no longer a trickle now a bona fide storm wet

& juicy just like the future, just like a promise of Gaia we remember as our birthright

and he said itís better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep and we heed the call.


The call that starts as a trickle. Another Rosa Parks moment. Years of organizing start in the drizzle.

Sacred rain some are scared of. Sacred rain canít get you wet yet every journey starts with one step.

One small step for a human and Jump Time for a species back into the garden. The garden you & I

were promised before we were born. Karma Due Time ††Time of GREAT VELOCITY Time to

honor the Ancestors †††Time of the Sacred White Buffalo Time of the end of the Prophecies††

of the DIVINE FEMININE†† Liberation Time †††DREAMTIME†† the plunge into the Photon Band††

the Time of lightTime of great entropy & the death of all†† d y i n g††† s y ste†† m†† s.†††

Itís gonna rainÖItís gonna rainÖ Itís gonna rainÖ Itís gonna rainÖ Itís gonna rainÖ Itís gonna rainÖ



Paul Nelson, 8:03PM Ė 5.8.06 for the Sacred Activism Conference