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Orcas Island Corpse I

Orcas Island Corpse I


   Almondina latte, Johnny Cash Blues

& who else but Johnny Cash knows

how to adjust yourself w/o bringing

attention to the curve of the madrones or

the tilt of the Earth killed summer. Nothing

else. Unwind hair into high tides, find

anemones know though the season ends, it

doesn’t mean forgiveness, or warped perception

or the chai-infused toast of France w/

challah. Holla! Give credit to our destitute

arms, as does a misty island in the

distance. Oh the rape of the waves

pounding Orcas, and its pleasures.




bare breasts on granite and

the water falls in expanding drops on the

cove. The faster the brown bottle spins

and we make sure enough is hidden.

This way, we shake the leaves loose in

sudden insight. “A cure exists” Whalen writes,

& he means walk barefoot on granite cliffs,

& he means to gulp coffee to cure these

relaxed sleepy eyelids beneath newly lined

foreheads, and Van’s “Days Like This” but

they’re few. They’re flowered. They're feverish

they’re festooned w/ petals of edible

       flowers like us.




written w/ Meredith A. Sedlachek

11:18A – 9.20.08

Doe Bay Café