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Participant Comments on Personal Mythology of Organic Poetry

Participant Comments on Personal Mythology of Organic Poetry

(May, 2009)


Hello Paul,

Thank you again for class- I got A LOT out of it - so much food for thought and tools to use in the future.  Really it was fantastic.  I really enjoyed hearing your work too and witnessing your passion for poetry - very inspiring…

Thanks so much and again thanks for the wonderful class.

Nina Hart

this class was amazing for me.  eye-opening. jaw-droppingmakes me think about my life

and how i want to allocate my days. thanks for your passion to teach us, especially us folk

who weren't exactly "poets" - yet. :)
Hopefully i'll get to take another class of yours down the road.
take care,
luke roloff


Fighting my impulse "if only I could find time to focus and write," I signed up for Paul Nelson's class, "The Personal Mythology of Organic Poetry." Through his insightful point of view on organic poetry, his personal interviews and knowledge of Ginsberg, Myles, McClure and others, Paul inspired me to rethink poetry and experience. I appreciated his sense of humor and his commitment and preparation for every class. Through our discussions, readings and conversations about the craft of writing, I see possibilities for extending and deepening my work. Like life, organic poetry can be messy, incomplete, imperfect, surprising, awesome.  I feel much freer to accept and approach that my poetry, like my life, is unfolding. I am grateful for the thoughts Paul has inspired and his reminder to "just do the work."



Sherry Mendel