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Organic Poetry

273. to Eve Anthony Hanninen, Abbotsford, BC – Still, a Heretic    Ilalqo, WA     2.23.09


                           Eve –


“To give / heat is within

  the control of / every human

  being.”  L. Neidecker


For   a   heretic   still

that   gift   heat   rises

from somewhere dirty

and  holy  and


here is the control we’ve

been seeking   heat

seeking missile  seeking

silk, say Amen.


                                                                                                        Blessings –  PAUL NELSON         





274. to Betsy Aoki, Seattle, WA – Religion of Plum Blossoms

Ilalqo, WA     2.23.09



And the heat seeking missile

said “Amen”   and the  rev

olution  was on,  another

military heretic


seeking the religion of plum

blossoms  and ecstatic

experience.   Maybe platanos

on  a  Sunday  afternoon

or her & I naked in hunger

                                                                        moon light.

                  Blessings –  PAUL NELSON            





275. to Marcia Arrieta, Pasadena, CA – Heretic in Survival

Ilalqo, WA     2.23.09


                           Marcia –


Her & I naked in hunger

moonlight.  Here I start

a  fight  over  my  muscle

pull,  cats scatter.   Here


a heretic goes into

survival mode while the interior

life  gets  lost  for  a  few

centuries.  Pity Augustine


but bring me something

carnal.  Grahhr!


                                                                                              Blessings – 

                                                                                                    PAUL NELSON         






2.23.09 - UNFAIR! say the cat's eyes - feather toy on the other side of the spokes.