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Desolation Blues 13th Chorus

Desolation Blues 13th Chorus


                     “But now I guess

                            I’m just talkin

                                thru my

                                  empty head.”


    &  Ross  Lake  just  a  cerulean

             stripe  up  the  spine

                      of   the   park


    taking photos because we think

            they’ll last longer


     maybe longer than clouds.

           Some  clouds  are  menacing

                  Others  puffy  white

                        others,  non-clouds

                                 when you

                                  next look.


   Clouds who earlier misted

            meadows of wildflowers

            those furry red-headed

              flowers that dance


&  you  &  I  are

       mountains,  casting off

              evil  w/  an  avalanche

                    of  gray  snags.


    Hozomeen  in  our  face

          closer than pictures

          (gone world)   and we’re

             ready to go

            go   go   go!




John Burgess & Paul Nelson

2P - 8.2.08, Desolation Peak


(Opening quote, the last stanza of

Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Blues.)