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Organic Poetry
Frida One

Frida One


Frida smiles and winks at the camera. Frida

after surrealism   after two abortions   after 1925


accident and iconic unibrow Arreguin sees as blackbird wings

I think    after Diego and machismo in black yellow red tan dress I



sick   she says shot by her lover in color  never wincing as far as

I can see   conditioning an image eternal for sainthood.   I

am not sick – 35 operations – 2 abortions surrounded by skulls, penthidine, morphene, not sick says she


Frida Too


Frida, let your hair down.

Frida, don’t look at me like that.

Frida, leave Diego. Do not walk, bolt.

Frida, won’t you steal the masculine hat of the accident

you called Diego and bury it behind Casa Azul?

Frida in living color.

Frida, festooned in Mexican reds

& blacks & tans, golds, yellows

y rosados y blanco rosas.

Frida, why was surrealism

            a Mexican breakfast

  while the feet of the wounded

  table bleed and you paint

  tendrils on your 1940

  image and only the skull



Frida, who let the spider

monkey loose to carry on

& live carnal dreams

alongside deer, turtle doves,

parrotsuna familia

sustituta con el elefante

y la paloma, Diego y tu?


Dime Frida, de que color

            es la flor

en que tus cenizas

esparcidas en la selva

          se convirtieron?


Frida, tell me, what is the color

            of the flower

your jungle scattered ashes



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