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Phil Harper, a 20 year-old guy, from OX, UK, I speak English, Audience, 0 • 1 fan

Googling Phil Harper


Phil Harper, Alabama Pigeon Club…

Phil Harper, a 20 year-old guy, from OX, UK, I speak English, Audience, 0 · 1 fan.

PhilHarper, a member of TheOpenCD project, has been loitering here for a while…

Phil Harper has some fascinating GIMP tutorials on his site,

Problems Trying to Create Transparent PNG, Phil Harper, tecla illuminosa

Is there a future in videocommunication for Deaf people? - presenter Phil Harper.

Phil Harper contends that the fragmentation considered to be characteristic of the postmodern age can in fact be traced to the status of marginalized groups…

Phil Harper; Man on Fire (1987)…

Phil avid  roller-blader and painter…

Phil was a Grizzly Adams-type, with a beard and lumberjack clothes, who never wore shoes, not even in the snow. Phil, as it turned out, hated working in formatted radio, and quit a few times each month…

Phil once said to me, I know you don’t mean it but when you say: Saturday Jazz Matinee with me… Paul Nelson, it comes out Meatball Nelson.


When a radio guy dies, what is left? Air?

Airchecks may preserve the voice  the essence

still swirling around

a bass solo more poignant.

Harry Nile gets his man.

A radio audience

perhaps they have no life

the voices they hear

are friends


more fun than Phil Harper

one man driveway radio

1AM stories

always a story

of Herb Kent in Chicago

or some innuendo suited for

the grooveyard

at a Jazz station.

Gone now, but

like his voice


in the air



9:32AM - 10.12.04