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Poet's Obligation (after Pablo Neruda)


Poet's Obligation (after Pablo Neruda)


To you who wonít Indian meditate beside the Stuck

River this Monday morning, or may be expanding

vistas of patience in some new Abu Ghraib,

Guantanamo, desert occupation or other

patriotic affair, this missive arrives sourced

in a deep part of yourself speaks to your ear

silent as if something essential youíve long denied.

This impulse we share, can be experienced

as an urge, a feeling, a feelíd, not unlike the starling

flock swirls against gray of skyscrapers. Disappears.

Consistent with the urge to realign

with ancient constellations.


So, impelled by an urge I canít quite understand

but train myself to trust, I return to the Stuck

in this time of whole-systems transition, notice

for you madrone blossoms, lilac, nootka rose, glacier

fed river roar over boulders sent centuries ago,

seek to pacify the inner urge to solve via violencia.

Send offerings of tobacco ††††††††watch for you

their effort to bring news downstream

to antepasados as they reach the sea and time

bends to announce their arrival, a butterfly

effectís engaged & we learn the huge power

of that which canít be seen. The inner Aurora

Borealis of green awakens. You think this is me

butís only the shooting star which got us here.


12:07P Ė 5.19.08