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Uncommon Ground I

Uncommon Ground I


††††† bowl of chai soup tastes

††††† sublime, Barbís plant-festooned

flat, like a Chicago street before the

potholes swallow wildlife, become

homes to wood splinters and

the Neil Alger Duo, the promise

of Nighthawks, I canít contain the

tears Ė rain in a shift in Personal

Myth, a branch naked in the

night steam, fog enshrouds La Salle St.

obscures the Hancock Building,

the BEAN wreathed in reflected

light, a dream, the sun canít

chase the Blues back

††††† to Berwyn.




Iíd chilaquile (chk sausage substitute)

she, the girl with rhinestone

barrettes & black snow rapid

evaporates into air, puffs of

breath blown out a bass guitar @

Andyís. Boys in wool knit hats and

t-shirts say ďDamn it feels good to be a

Badger!Ē But I know how 380

acres can flood in a day,

make a run for it before the

thunder in December, Popís 80th

heís playing the guitar like a

lover of huevos! Ai!

You wake tangled in every

way Ė and Iím working on

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† the knots.


10:22A Ė 12.27.08